How Knit are we Socially – COVID-19

The state of something is tested when it is at its worst. Corona Virus(Covid-19) is a disease that causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as a cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty in breathing.
The Virus has proved itself a riddle and has brought the world to a standstill.
Various Aspects of our day to day lives have been brought to a test.
Ordinary such as handwashing and use of sanitizers now sweep across the glove like a new wave that has never been seen before.
People who are now staying indoors without jobs and those who have been ejected from their houses now grasp the sad picture that majority of unemployed youths face in our country.
The Virus has come as a test to mankind. It has created an awakening in the mind to notice our surroundings and be aware of them.
Remember, the true nature of something is exposed when put to the test or under pressure to give results.
In Kenya, the government expenditure for this financial year is 2.8 Trillion, out of which 47.8 Billion is set aside providing universal health coverage to guarantee quality and affordable healthcare to all Kenyans.
Well wishers and Rotarians have gone out of their way to offer assistance to the less fortunate and the general public by setting up handwashing stations and distributing sanitary products.
People are often distracted by their daily activities and do not really know what is going on around them until something stops in their tracks and makes them aware.
The virus might be a disaster; but maybe it is also the wake up call that we all need.
How do you spend your funds when paid your monthly salary? Do you save so that if you were to stay indoors for a month or two you would survive? Do you now realise how important youth employment is?
How much has the government invested in our healthcare that we can trust them with our health during this moment?

Article by Salome, a friend to Rotaract/Rotary Malindi. Our guest Article Writer.

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