2018 Cancer Campaign

Rotaract club Malindi

Background of Rotaract Club of Malindi’s Annual Cancer Awareness Campaign
The Ground Covered
The Rotaract Club of Malindi is a non-profit organisation and partner of the Rotary Club of Malindi. Last year, the club deemed it necessary to take up the responsibility of raising awareness on cancer as its signature project in the medical field. The program is dubbed MWOC (Mashinani War on Cancer). This was so owing to the effects of cancer experienced on the community in Malindi and its environs. According to statistics, the most common types of cancer in Malindi include breast and cervical cancer in women, while the men are largely affected by prostate cancer.
From the first annual cancer awareness campaign, which was held in November last year, Rotaract Club of Malindi has been able to procure cancer drugs for four (4) patients. These patients are to be on long-term use of these drugs; hence…

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