Window shopping

They say retail therapy is better than psychotherapy, so I stepped out. Serendipitously, while walking down the streets, candy got stuck onto my eye. Eureka! My unquestionable veni, vidi, visa kind of item! Whoever said that specks ought to be removed from the eye in order for one to see better? Here I was, definitely seeing life through much clearer lenses with the candy stuck in my eye. My shopping principle is to see it, like it, and buy it. The “window” in window shopping now about to go out the window. The stop sign outside the store now reads “shop” from every angle that I try to view it.

a lady window shopping

Upon entry, I notice the price tag – “heartbreak”. I take a deep sigh and weigh my options. For the very first time, I can’t run visa on this. No amount of cash can replenish my account after I pay for this eye candy. But it’s stuck in my eye… I’ve got to take it home with me even if I can’t afford it. What to do?
I respond, “just take it, it’s already stuck on you – or, at least that’s what I imagined”.
The small still voice interrupts, “Are we stealing it?”
I respond, “No, consider it an extreme case of window shopping… I call it extended window shopping. I just want to taste the candy for an extended period and then put it back on display where I found it.” (Is it really on display or does it belong to the shop owner?)
However, I can’t help but wonder what the owner of the item had to pay for it so she could sell it at that price. The item now belongs to her, right?
The uninvited small still voice responds, “When she bought it, the price tag read ‘love’”
She paid for it with love. Then I remember how high up in forex this currency is ranked. It’s a superpower. To shop or not to shop? – The silliest question ever but, in this case, I have to think twice. My girlfriends and I always have a clear logic to get out of this dilemma… “If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it”. Well…. I intend to buy it but may be I’ll just wait for Black Friday as the eye candy invades my thoughts and other senses. Is there really going to be a sale, ever?

By Rtr Michelle Naisae

President Rotaract Malindi 2017 /2018

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