They say “One of the hardest parts of building new habits is the idea of leaving your old habits behind” I do not know how true this is because it has not been scientifically proven. Consistency transforms behaviors into habits this I can attest to; it began with Club hopping until I landed my feet in the Rotaract Club of Malindi. I can’t recall the reason why I attended my first Rotary meeting  it went on and on little didn’t I know this awoke something that I thought it never existed in me. This was a puff of Rotary which I took without knowing and it surpassed the addiction of nicotine. From my little recollection I used to feel some guiltiness whenever I missed a meeting or fellowship but the surprising bit about it all was the fact that among many of my first meeting I attended I was always absent minded just following the wave.

Talking about the daily challenges the society has been engaged in, in order to achieve certain goals the list is endless from;one green smoothie a day,Learn to distract yourself when tempted,start a gym membership that has daily exercise classes the list keeps going on and on. It didn’t occur to me like a challenge until that time when I saw some of my colleagues being inducted to become members. There was this desireto join the club, but before then I was required tofulfill some obligations and abide with the rules and regulations of my Club which sounded like an uphill. Question was why the code of conduct yet this was a voluntary cause, then the tenet of visitors  only coming to meetings upon being invited by a member, well this were among many things that did not make sense back then I didn’t bother to ask. In my thinking I thought by walking in the first meeting and saying hi to the members’ presents that was it, I would automatically become a member. Shock on me!the Rotary Foundation is well organized with every structure put in place from the succession plan to how they identify their projects and chain of command is well stipulated the passion and dedication from the members real captivated me. Small steps each day lead to big changes that how I later became a member through perseverance.

Camera never lies thanks to the ever evolving technology now, apart from the feelings which I cannot vividly explain I can even remember the type of shoes and colour of my clothes not forgetting the ambiance of that day.

My first 100 days journey in Rotary officially was crowned with the photos below, with the pin on my shirt wow! I had eventually made it. Writing of this untold story and many more which the Rotary family will share was motivated with the fact that most of our friends, family and even prospective members know little about our history in joining this prestigious cause. By as we throw back down the memory lane it’s my sincere hope that this will inspire and persuade more people to join the course. Some of the stories will read and share we be able to show us the transformation from where we started where we are and where we are headed.

Let’s throw back and post these nostalgic photos,

Let’s remember those who we lost peace be upon them,

Let’s remind those who we dropped along the way that will still need them,

Let’s make ours stories stand for the coming generation,

Let’s visit our archive’s and share the fun,

Let’s be proud: Rotary then Rotary now and Rotary in the future.


Mwagandi Kiponda

President Rotaract club Malindi

kiposh 2

being inducted to Rotaract Club of Malindi

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